The Tragedy of The Walking Dead’s Abraham (Specifically, His Hair)


On last night’s The Walking Dead, we learned Abraham’s history and gained some insight into why he is so consumed with his “mission” to deliver Eugene to DC. It’s a sad story, but perhaps sadder still is Abraham’s hair. The comics version of Abraham is a redhead; actor Michael Cudlitz is a blonde, so he has his hair dyed for the show. Over the course of the episodes in which Abraham has appeared, the shade of his hair has ranged from strawberry blonde to Tori Amos orange. The Walking Dead has obviously been confronted with a harsh reality; they may be experts in make-up and special effects, but even they can’t wrangle red hair coloring. As any one of us who has dyed their hair red can attest, it fades fast. And then has to be redone to blaze gloriously for maybe a week before it fades all over again. I think this is particularly true for blondes, but even as a brunette, I feel Cudlitz’s pain. So as much as I enjoy watching Abraham’s character unfold, I am just as curious to see, week to week, where he is in the red dye cycle.



Abraham, I know you’re in the middle of something, but may I just say that your hair is as brilliant as a Jamaican sunset? (Michael Cudlitz, The Walking Dead, AMC)


By the way, I know Michael Cudlitz is blonde, not from his work on Southland, but rather from his recurring role on Beverly Hills 90210, where he played Tony Miller. He wasn’t a core member of the gang, but he hovered on the periphery from 1992-1993, first appearing in an episode about the steroid use running rampant in West Beverly Hills High athletics. He was a douche in that episode (‘roid rage, duh), but he mellowed in the following season, and I most fondly remember him as Brenda’s senior prom date. He was sweet on her, but she made it very clear that they were only going AS FRIENDS. It didn’t stop him from renting a hotel room; still, no dice, but like he said, he had to try. (This was the same prom where Donna got drunk and was almost banned from commencement, until Brandon raised his giant-watch-clad wrist in protest; can you hear the people sing, “Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates!”)



How could any man not be mesmerized by that walking mirror ball, Brenda Walsh? (Shannen Doherty and Michael Cudlitz, Beverly Hills 90210, Fox)



Michael Cudlitz has played dozens of roles between Tony Miller and Abraham Ford; what a trajectory. No one’s gonna slow your roll, Sergeant.